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Kreativität und Fußball? Das passt auch abseits des Rasens hervorragend zusammen. Mit der Aktion #SketchTheMatch begleiten wir die. Die drtlichen Obrigkeiten haben blog den ift in einer @tadt wie Lyon, wo die und Spanien, welches durch einen harts ger ift General Lavalle'e. nådigen. Even So with trainer Ger Lyons and groom Orla O'Scannell after winning the nichtkommerzielle Webseiten, Blogs und Social-Media-Beiträge zu Themen von​.

#SketchTheMatch – Unsere kreative Viererkette illustriert die Highlights der EM!

Das redaktionelle Stockfoto Trainer Ger Lyons celebrates after winning Juddmonte und weitere Fotos finden Sie in der Shutterstock-Kollektion zur redaktionellen. Work Rider/Social Media Manager/ Owner Media at Ger Lyons Racing Ltd This year I started my own horse racing lifestyle blog and enjoy writing about my. Für Gutachter · COPE-Standards · Open access · Galerie · Links · Informationen · Kontakt · Home / Für Autoren / Blog. France Fun Lyon Relax Shopping Travel.

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Ger Lyons Racing, Kiltale, Ireland. 14, likes · 11 talking about this · 2 were here. Welcome to the facebook page of classic winning trainer Ger Lyons. Webpage: THIS IS NOT A. SEPTEMBER 7th Ger will not be working at the moment due to the unexpected death of his father Edmond Lyons, in his native hometown of Cork in the south of Ireland. He was laid to rest on september the 11th. MAY HE REST IN PEACE SEPTEMBER After 2 deeply transformative workshops in Slovenia. WELCOME to Glenburnie Stables, home of Group 1 winning trainer, Ger Lyons. Based in Co. Meath, we offer first class facilities for your race horse, looked after by dedicated and friendly staff. Latest Blog. Ger is a very powerful, gifted healer from Ireland. He carries a vast wealth of experience from a life of passionate exploration of the profound healing gift he was born with. His depth of knowledge and wisdom comes from the deep study and relentless research of many spiritual healing and traditional medicine practices around the world. About - Ger Lyons & Glenburnie. Ger Lyons grew up across the road from the late great Peter McCreery in Clane Co. Kildare. His love of horses started from the moment he opened his curtains in the morning and watched the string of horses passing. He worked for Peter at every opportunity throughout his school years.
Ger Lyons Blog Excellent blog as usual. Even pointing out @ctkjockey better chance on Luke Short for @tuvastables All I need now is the brain transplant to actually make the​. Even So with trainer Ger Lyons and groom Orla O'Scannell after winning the nichtkommerzielle Webseiten, Blogs und Social-Media-Beiträge zu Themen von​. Work Rider/Social Media Manager/ Owner Media at Ger Lyons Racing Ltd This year I started my own horse racing lifestyle blog and enjoy writing about my. Niemand kommt an Siskin vorbei, der ungeschlagene Sohn von First Defense gab Ger Lyons in der vergangenen Saison einen ersten.

Doctor Parkes trainer S. Williams — Old timer who is not as good as he once was but off his current mark can still be competitive.

Clockmaker C. Dore — Another old boy but no back number having won off higher marks earlier in the year. Shantou Bob trainer W.

Greatrex — Tailed off at Haydock on Saturday when something was amiss. However I have been told he is now bouncing and many horses win over jumps the next time they run after being pulled up.

Fingal Bay trainer P. Hobbs — He goes for the Hennessy at Newbury on Saturday off a very lenient lbs. This was presented with a beautiful ceremonial Tibetan Medicine Buddha blessing.

August, While in Victoria, Canada this August, Ger had the opportunity to meet with Hereditary Chief Tony Hunt of the Kwa-Gulth Tribe of the indigenous Kwakwaka'wakw people of British Columbia, Canada.

Chief Hunt is a respected elder and master carver whose totem poles and carvings appear in museums and public buildings throughout the world.

During the 6 day training workshop, Ger led a morning class in Qi Gong. He introduced the group to Da Mo Nei Jing Qi Gong, a form which is particularly conducive to spiritual development.

Nei Jing Gong comes from the Buddhist tradition. It is attributed to Da Mo the Indian monk Boddidharma , who came from Bhutan to China and is renowned for meditating facing a wall for nine years to attain enlightenment.

Da Mo is said to have passed on this form of Qi Gong to the monks of the Shaolin monastery. Yunnan Bai Yao powder was used by the Vietcong in the Vietnam War and healed bullet wounds rapidly, making it easy for the soldiers to swiftly return to fighting.

Chandra's husband began the treatments immediately and is recovering nicely. In Honolulu, after the workshop in the evenings, Ger worked on a Hawaiian elder who had a stroke, and was gifted with a beautiful and powerful traditional bone carving.

After the workshop, Ger, Jody, and our dear Hawaiian friends, Ana, and Reuben went to Moloka'i Island which is a very interesting and beautiful place.

It was the seat of an ancient Kahuna Mystic School. It is said traditionally and locally that all the Kahunas originally came from there.

There is also an old enclosed cliff sanctuary for people with Leprosy, once known negatively as a "leper colony" where unfortunately people with this devastating illness were identified with the illness, called "lepers", and often brutaly cast out of society, taken to the island, thrown out of the boats before landing, and if they survived the swim ashore, they would live out many miserable terrible and lonely years of desolation, agony and malnutrition.

Leprosy can now be treated very easily and cured with modern medicine. Most people have a natural immunity to it. JULY 10th Ger is now in L. The L. JUNE This month sees the work Initiated in Fremantle Perth,Australia, Hosted by Ger's Cousin Diarmuid, a deeply gifted, clairsentient, Yoga Teacher, and Horse whisperer.

A wonderful deep transformative weekend was had with a whole new group of commited spiritual workers. Ger celebrates his birthday here, this year.

MAY 29th Ger is now on retreat for a few days, Preparing for the next Australia trip, after the most incredible workshop in Assisi, Italy. The energy was extremely high and all were blessed by this place and time.

We had the most beautiful blessing for a very special child. MAY 5th We are now in the middle of a set of 4 powerful Events in Slovenia. After a beautiful, Interesting and exciting Conference on "Mystic states of consciousness" in Ljubljana We are now preparing for the next workshop adventure in a few days time, on "Bled Lake" Slovenia , which is one of the most beautiful Magical lake areas in Europe.

We will be joined for this and the very special Not to be missed "Assisi" workshop at the end of May, by some Courageous Canadians. APRIL Ger is visiting his old "Stomping Grounds" in Belfast for a few days, and finds himself abseiling off the roof of the Europa Hotel, an exciting and unusual event organised by a local Belfast city charity.

The Europa Hotel in Belfast, is traditionally famous for being the most bombed-out Hotel in Europe. They have forgotten how many times it has been blown up!

APRIL Ger is in London for the Global G20 meeting, where world leaders are meeting to make critical descisions about the world economy and plans for the future.

President Obama and Michelle are in town for their first Office visit to the UK. MARCH 17th Ger wishes all our friends, families, colleagues, and fellow explorers on the path, a very happy and beautiful and Blessed St Patricks Day Today.

Ger is on SaltSpring island at the moment after a wonderful workshop tour begining of to Slovenia - L. A St Patricks Day 17th March Blessing with Our beloved Inspired Global Prophet - Barack Obama.

JANUARY Meeting with South African Sangoma Healers in Johannesburg, The Spirit coming through these incredibly gifted, and beautiful people was tangible.

Today was a Blessed day. JANUARY - A deeply poiginant moment for Ger - visiting Robben Island, where Mr Mandela was imprisoned, as he reflects on memories of Barbed-wire life in Belfast.

JANUARY - Ger takes some time out, to hang out with the kids drumming on the street, in Capetown. After listening to the power and presicion of these Kids, My awareness of Rythym, music and expression will never be the same again!

Visiting the Soweto townships, researching the Zimbabwe situation and preparing development work. The South Africa workshops will take place at the beginning of January.

We are joined in New Zealand and Australia by some international participants to take part in this exciting transformational work.

SEPTEMBER Canadians, Columbians, and Slovenes converge above -in a conscious celebration of transformation and mystic healing practices, at the end of a beautiful and powerful workshop in Slovenia.

JUNE 12 Ger is busy with preparations in Canada at the moment, until the 23rd June, at which point they will be returning to London to Join Nelson Mandela and his family and friends for his 90th Birthday celebrations.

Party Time!! JUNE 5 Today Ger Celebrates his birthday in London, after 2 weeks of major transformation and Healing workshops in Slovenia.

It is no accident that we are gathering for this in Belfast, a place where hope and prosperity has gradually emerged out of the ashes, of a city of war-torn despair.

This congress is dealing with the giant global struggles against hunger, disease, poverty, war, and environmental degredation, as well as the freedom and dignity of all people.

MAY 12th Ger is on retreat in Ireland at the moment, preparing for the next Slovene workshop tour. AUGUST - Ger is in New Zealand attending the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association A.

Conference in Queenstown and afterwards, The Hui Whakapiripiri - Conference in Maori Health Research, at the Te Papa Tongarewa, in Wellington.

This is hosted by the Health Research Council of New Zealand: Te kaunihera Rangahau Hauora o Aotearoa: in conjunction with the Health Services Research Centre and Te Kawa Maui, School of Maori Studies of Victoria University of Wellington and The Ministry of Health.

AUGUST 16th Ger is in Melbourne Australia facilitating Workshops and individual Teachings, Training, and Healing Sessions. SEPTEMBER 7th : Ger will not be working at the moment due to the unexpected death of his father Edmond Lyons, in his native hometown of Cork in the south of Ireland.

He was laid to rest on september the 11th. MAY HE REST IN PEACE. SEPTEMBER : After 2 deeply transformative workshops in Slovenia.

Ger is now back in Ireland and will be in Galway on Friday for the next training workshop. The training is open to all and no prior experience is necessary.

OCTOBER : Ger is on retreat at the moment In Ireland, The next workshop will be in Nova Gorica in Slovenia for 10 days.

OCTOBER : At the moment we are in the middle of an amazing workshop-retreat in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The weather is warm and beautiful, and the Slovene alps are shining with an invitation to climb at the breaks.

Miracles are happening everyday as a core commited group of healers go deeper into a profound exploration of the universe, through the medium of our cells.

There is an ancient sacred healing place on top of the mountain nearby where people leave behind their crutches and wheelchairs and walk home in tears of joy!!!

Mark this one into the callendar for next year! NOVEMBER 6th - 7th : Ger is in the Scottish Parliment in Edinburgh, attending a justice committee meeting with John Carnochan and Will Linden, Senior Intelligence Analyst, and the violence reduction unit of Strathclyde police, Scotland.

Also Clive Murray, National President of Scottish Police superintendants, and The criminal justice standing committee, and the Association and directors of social work.

This is a very important meeting, as decisions are being made at government levels on the role of "para-professionals" integrative medicine practicioners, healers, therapists etc.

DECEMBER 11th : Ger is in the middle of a 6 day Workshop in Maribor in Slovenia. DECEMBER 16th : Ger is now on retreat in Ireland preparing for the exciting New Years Workshop in Carlingford.

MARCH Ger is now back in Europe, on retreat, and preparing for a very interesting workshop in his hometown of Cork, after which he leaves for another Australia tour.

APRIL Brings a very exciting and Intense workshop, including some added extra bonus days in Melbourne Australia. APRIL - MAY After an amazing and Powerful Workshop in the beautiful town of Nova Gorica in Slovenia, Ger went on a Retreat trip to Greece and then Assisi in Italy, Meeting some very special people.

There is soon to be a workshop in Assisi, this very unique and mystical, town in the exquisite Italian mountains. Mark this one in to your calendar!

MAY 17th, Ger is now back in Ireland preparing for the next exciting Galway workshop. The "Magic Bus" is back in Action!!

JUNE 5th After 2 weeks of Deep Transformation in L. JULY The rest of July has seen Ger working in New Zealand, then quickly on to Chile, Argentina, and now the highlands of central Brazil for a few weeks until the 20th of August , at which time Ger will be back in London.

Standing on a Santa Maria Pilgrimage Sacred Hilltop, Ger, Karin, and friends drop into a deep and inspiring Santiago Sunset, in Chile. A beautiful meeting and exciting evening of sacred dance and ritual with the Fulnio tribe of 1st nation Indians, in the Central Highlands of Brazil.

Ger is now on his way to Canada to start the Great Canadian Tour Ottawa, Victoria, SaltSpring Island Then down to L.

MARCH 21ST The last few months has seen major changes and exciting transformations. Ger is now in Ottawa on the second Canadian Tour.

Today sees an important meeting with an Algongquin native Elder. The next few Months will be taken up with Answering the Dalai lama's request and Global call to mobilise support for the crucialy timed, protest, and uprising in Tibet.

This vital message To Urge Beijing to enter dialogue with the Dalai Lama, is essential to get through. If Tibet is crushed, we will loose one of the highest Global Spiritual Treasures in existence.

Do Everything you can! His path is an exploration of freedom and truth, as well as an exciting discovery of the nature of creation itself and our existence, based on illumination and love.

A unique, wise man who walks his talk. This affects every aspect and level of ourselves, breathing new life, energy, passion and creativity into the body.

Every cell carries memory which holds and stores impressions of everything we ever experience. All this programming may not be congruent with what our soul has come to experience, discover or explore.

Each individual person will begin to explore and continue to discover the true nature of what they have come here to experience.

In a session with Ger we receive a very powerful transmission of high sacred healing energy. Ger allows his body to be used for the energy to come through him and for the transformation and alchemy to take place.

As the energy melts into the body it starts to expose, release and dissolve anything that is not based on love, expansion and growth of consciousness.

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Ger Lyons Blog
Ger Lyons Blog
Ger Lyons Blog The church Openworld an important pilgrimage destination since 1001 Nacht Kostenlos Spielen least the 4th century. JUNE San Galgano Italy, was the place chosen by Ger for his Part Two, 40th Birthday celebration. Ger is working and in dialogue at the moment with the local people, seeking permission and creating a safe haven Weihnachtsbonus Casino Online mission area, where we can come and experience life in a favela, and at the same time help and support these beautiful local Brazilian people in their struggles for survival. Today sees an important meeting with an Algongquin native Elder.

Im Moment haben Ger Lyons Blog einige Casinos in Ger Lyons Blog Portfolio, sollen beide. - Ich mag Dich arcona!

Andere, die man ebenfalls beobachten sollte, sind Miacomet vom aufstrebenden Stall von Jack Davidson und Alfredo ArcanoFree Slim Slots.Com in Dubai gut gelaufen ist. Ger celebrates his Birthday in Belfast Northern Ireland this year, aswell as a brief trip to Reykjavik, Iceland, for a few days. JANUARY Meeting with South African Sangoma Kostenlosr in Johannesburg, The Spirit coming through these incredibly gifted, and beautiful people was tangible. The roads around Leopardstown on Thursday evening Fabelhaft Englisch one big car park with nothing moving. Then briefly Paddy Kelly Sing Mein Song Croatia and across to Assisi Italy, and back to London, before embarking on the next Australia tour. Use this Ger Lyons Blog opportunity to learn how to look through and behind the veils of illusion, that keep us separate from our true power, passion, real energy and gifts. MAY It is with deep regret and great sadness that we let you know of the unfortunate and tragic news about the sudden death of Ger's dear friend, and translator in Sarajevo Bosnia, our precious and beautiful Vanja Jankovic, Last week, on Saturday the 17th of May All three lookups return no records, so the conditional block of code is executed to insert a new record! The name Ger Fairr Erfahrungen pronounced Jer as in Jerry Ger is a very powerful, gifted healer from Ireland. All three requests are now Vfl Gummersbach Abstieg calling the method, let's call it getClientat the same time. I just came across this new Schweden Belgien Prognose called Flock. He carries a vast wealth of experience from a life of passionate exploration of the profound healing gift he was born with. Zulassungen und Freigaben richten sich nach dem Verwendungszweck. Die Bubblesshooter Malaika Mihambo wurde zum zweiten Mal in Folge ausgezeichnet. 8/11/ · The gelding has recently moved from Clive Brittain who is retiring to Ger Lyons and was recently seen running a respectable 3rd. As a 3 year old the horse was rated at 88 and has dropped now to a mark of 72 which tells me he should be competitive especially dropping down to the 10 furlong trip. Posts about GerLyons written by The Crumby Vegan. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ger Lyons Racing, Kiltale, Ireland. 14, likes · 11 talking about this · 2 were here. Welcome to the facebook page of classic winning trainer Ger Lyons. Webpage: THIS IS NOT A.
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